Sunday, June 6, 2010


So hey, I'm Kevin. This is my blog that i'll be keeping and updating periodically throughout my trip to Tanzania. Enjoy!


  1. Hello Kevin, Here is Oma ! We canNOT wait to receive some pictures you have made already! Opa and I are doing fine! More tomorrow! Love Opa and Oma

  2. hey kevin! its erin! when you get to Tanzania check all of your bags there is a secret message on one of them! while you're in Africa, mom meghan and i will be in Canada and mom will be having spazz attacks wondering if you're okay. Earlier she was upset so i told her that you're just across the ocean so if something bad happens you can just swim back home! that didn't really make her feel much better... hahaha well have fun and i'll see you in 3 weeks or however long you're gone for! we will all be reading your blog and trust me mom will be checking to see if you've written anything every second! Have fun kevin! -erin

  3. Kevin,
    We haven't met but you have some of my camera equipment. You will fall in love with the people of Tanzania for their gentle and thoughful spirits. Reading your blog brought back many fonder memories of my three week visit in 2005. My first stop was also Arusha.