Monday, June 28, 2010

Last day!

Today is our last day here in Tanzania! A steady rain has just started to fall but it shouldnt pose any problems for our flight later today. Most of today will be spent packing and organizing our photos. We have breakfast at 8:30, lunch at noon, and then an early dinner at 4 before we head off to the airport around 5:00 or 5:30. Our flight leaves at 9 local time, I think? Then we fly to Amsterdam before heading back to Houston! I think everyone is ready to come home, we all miss it. Right now it's time for breakfast so i've got to sign off!


  1. Kevin,
    Ms Tolson here! Great writing, I have so enjoyed reading your blogs. Thanks for writing and for calling your mom!! After that first call, she almost returned to normal, well ok maybe not normal! But better!! Can;t wait to see the pics and hear more stories!

  2. hahaha ahhh yesss Mrs.Tolson! Thanks for reading my blogs! My trip is just about over now we're just about to leave for the airport. I'm glad to hear that my phone call made her return back to normal!